Books You Should Read

The World is Flat -- Thomas L. Friedman's landmark book on the on the technological evolution and how it has flattened our round world.  The book is huge and will take some tolerance for Friedman's not-so-hidden political leanings, but the content is well-worth the time and trouble.

Hot, Flat, and Crowded -- is Friedman's follow-up to The World is Flat. 

Why these books are relevant to educators:
1. They help explain this fast-paced and quickly evolving technological world in which we find ourselves.
2. They can help you see that world in a different and more meaningful light.
3. You will see the disconnect between the current state of education and the rest of the world.  (Hint:  They are leaving us behind whether we like it or not.)
4. You should read something besides those smutty romance novels!  Just saying...

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