Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Technology and Transitions...Two Big Issues in Education Today

Are Computers the Answer to a Better Education: This NYTimes article looks at a Waldorf School that has NO TECHNOLOGY and educates the kids of some of Silicon Valley's Technogeniuses! After reading this article, what do you think about the use of technology in the classroom?

Transition Troubles: This article is from EDWeek. For a while now, there's been a focus on the transition issues associated with students when they leave middle or junior high schools and head into high schools. The solution, in many cases, has been to adopt a Freshman Academy model of some sort. Many of those have been quite successful. Ironically, while we've been so focused on the transition to high school, we've neglected to look at the impact of transitioning from elementary to middle or junior high. Give this a read. I've heard that the national Middle School Conference dealt with this issue quite extensively.

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  1. I couldn't access your first link but I'm going to offer my opinion anyway. As far as the General Ed classrooms, I don't really have an opinion BUT, Alex has severe autism (4th grade this year), I just recently started being slightly open to alternative forms of comunication which would most likely be computerized. Not exactly what I think you were talking about but I feel it's worth mentioning. As far as "classroom work" Alex has trouble with communication, attending to tasks, on and on but he can totally rock a touch screen computer and is motivated by it. For him, I am in favor of technology in the classroom.

    With the second, I disagree. Walter just moved on up to the middle school this year (6th) and it's his best year yet. He even made Honor Roll this grading period where last year I was questioning the wisdom in sending him to 6th grade when he couldn't seem to master 5th grade work (almost failing every subject). I have to say I am happy the principal convinced me to send him.


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