Sunday, February 12, 2012

When Easter Eggs and Turkeys Fall from the Sky

In news unrelated to anything...I'm ready for vacation. Not just any vacation, though. A vacation away from my children.

The Boy Child, he who is all of 12 years old, seems to know more than The Spouse and I in just about every realm of knowledge. He's evidently quite an expert on everything and The Spouse and I are not.

For instance, The Spouse told him that our neighbor's pastor is going to drop 3,000 eggs from an airplane on Easter Sunday into a field. The Boy Child begins to expostulate on the possible dangers and inaccuracy of such an endeavor. He explains that it would be "impossible" to be accurate in the drop because of the physics involved.

The Spouse responds by saying that she's sure the pastor has checked it all out with the pilot, the city and other experts. Not being one to give in so easily, he responds, "Who knows more about airplanes than anyone else in this family?"

You see, The Boy Child plays Microsoft Flight Simulator X daily. He's watched numerous YouTube videos on model plane flying and he's watched several shows on Discovery and the Science Channel. All of these experiences make him an expert on airplane physics and dynamics.

Meanwhile, The Spouse and I waste our nights watching The Big Bang Theory, MASH reruns, Once Upon a Time, American Pickers, Dog The Bounty Hunter and Glee episodes. You can see how he would find himself superior to us in both intellect and attitude.

What could two adults who've lived for over 40 years, have both completed B.S. and M.A. degrees, have worked for untold years, have given life to two children and have been gainfully employed since the age of 14 possibly know about a pastor who wants to drop 3,000 Easter Eggs on a field?

On a side note, I was immediately reminded of the episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where Les Nessman reports on live turkeys being dropped from a helicopter on Thanksgiving. I'm hoping this "egg drop" is at least vaguely similar to that.

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  1. Dementia, dementia thou has found someone again!! Les dropped frozen turkeys.

    Gravity, what a wonderful thing.


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