Thursday, August 18, 2011

A List of Reasons I Left My Job in December

Following is a list of 10 reasons I left my job in December of 2010. There are many, many more and I'll elaborate on those later, as well. Some will be elaborated on in more detail in following posts.
1. Time away from my family.
2. Missing my own childrens' events.
3. Crazy parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc.
4. Crazy teachers.
5. Lack of support.
6. Budget, budget, budget or should I budget, no budget, no budget.
7. Tenure.
8. Standardized Testing.
9. No Child Left Behind's ridiculous expectations.
10. Politics and bureaucracy.

I'll spend some time on each of these topics in the very near future. Stay tuned and check back frequently for an update.


  1. Hi Roy,

    This is Amy's husband, Darin, writing to you. Still hanging out at Starbucks? Your comments have no doubt validate a desire--absolutely no interest in becoming an administrator. As an educator today, there's only one reason that I continue to work with students and it's quite simple--to help them transition into the "real world." Honestly, I don't waste my time with parents because, in most cases, it minimizes the students ability to make empowered decisions no matter if they're good, bad, risky, etc. How can young individuals learn to be independent adults if they can't make their own decisions? Go figure why so many young adults are ill-prepared for the workforce and still living with their parents. My two cents!


  2. I cannot wait to read more! Most administrators today either take Prozac or quit the profession due to the TOP 10 above. I left more many reason but never because of the students or parents. They were my only reason for staying in the profession as long as I did!


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