Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Three Bravest People I Know

Everyone goes through tough times, trying times and just down-right hard times. I've often thought that it's how we handle those events that defines who we are as a person. For whatever reason, I've been thinking about three people I know who are showing greater character and strength and bravery than I would have believed possible in a non-superhero-type-person.
I've dubbed these three people "The Three Bravest People I Know". Over the next week or so, I'm going to try to profile each one of them and tell you why they deserve to be labeled as "brave" and I'll try to let you know what I've learned about myself as a result of their bravery.
So, who are these three non-superhero-types who deserve the dubious title of "The Three Bravest People I Know"...

Kimberly Adelson, a junior high school special education teacher, cancer survivor and current cancer patient.

Ashley & Kate Lipke, a tiny, beautiful, three year old little girl with a congenital heart defect that has required several high-risk surgeries and her beautiful, protective, tower of strength mother who battles with her every step of the way.

Julie Tipton, a beautiful lady who has survived an abusive relationship and, most recently, the horrific suicide of her 17 year old son, Chad.

These three people have touched my heart and my soul deeply. They are in my thoughts often and, in many instances, I draw strength from them. My hope in profiling them is that you, too, will find strength and bravery in adversity. As you read about each of them and learn of their journeys, think about what makes them brave and draw strength from it. Finally, as you finish this post and as you read each profile, take a moment to say a prayer for each of them. I know they'll appreciate it and I know that is where most of them find their courage and strength and bravery.

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