Saturday, September 3, 2011

One Last Post Before I Check Out For The Weekend

Okay, just so you know...I'm trying to lose weight...AGAIN! Those of you who don't know me will be surprised to learn that I am not the most sveldt individual in the world. I'm sure you couldn't tell from my lovely Transformer mask picture.

In December of 2009, I went to the doctor a very sick individual. I had a severe sinus infection, laryngitis, a swollen big toe, whooping cough, you name it and I was suffering from it. The worst part of the visit was that, in my delirium from being so ill and near death, I looked at the scale when the nurse weighed me. I almost fell over dead right then and there. I weighed a whopping 242lbs! That's not bad if you're a teenaged walrus trying to make your way through the world. I, however, am not a walrus, nor am I in my teens.

The nurse practitioner came in and I remember saying to her, "First, I need you to take care of this (I pointed to my swollen forehead, puffy eyes and blood red nose). Then, we gotta talk about my fatness!" She agreed and, to make a long story short, I began to go to the gym five days a week at 5:00a.m. I checked in with her once a month, she weighed me, took my blood pressure, charged me my co-pay and charted my progress. In about a year, I lost around 50lbs! I felt great and I looked good. I went from a size 42 pant to a 36 and I was loving life.

When I changed jobs, I slacked off on going to the gym and didn't keep an eye on my eating. Not because I'm basically lazy...well, okay it WAS because I'm basically lazy. In the past week or so, I finally admitted to myself that the new washer and dryer were not responsible for my clothes fitting tighter. Indeed, I stepped back on a scale and weighed in at 230lbs! I'm 5'7" tall (I was 5'8" tall but, evidently, someone put a hex on me and I've lost an inch somewhere...that's a post for another day. I'm really curious as to where that inch went and if I'll ever be able to find it again. Maybe a chiropractor could stretch me back. I digress.)

So, I've started changing my eating habits again. I'm eating smaller and healthier meals. For instance, last night we went out with The Spouse's parents for dinner. I ordered the 2 piece fish dinner instead of the 3 piece or the AYCE plate. Okay, that's not a good example but it's just part of what I've done. I've also stopped eating eggs every morning and have switched to oatmeal with dried cranberrys.

You get the point. I'm back to being a tubby bubby and I don't like it. I may splurge this weekend and drink a few beers and eat some unhealthy stuff, but I'll eat less than I would have and I'll be back on my new health kick next week. Wish me well. Now, I've gotta go pack the Twinkies before The Spouse sees them!

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