Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People Are Jealous of Me

People are totally jealous of me! And, by people, I mostly mean my wife.

My previous post about "The Talk" with The Boy Child mentioned her minor role in the whole affair (wonka, wonka).

She emails me after I posted it: "Funniest post yet! However, if any part of that talk about me is true, you will suffer!"

I responded, "If you love me, you won't even care."

She replied, "If you said any of that to him about me...I will send flying monkeys after you!"

I emailed back, "You wouldn't dare!"

I got this back, "You totally know I would!". And, I do know that she would. She's scary sometimes. You would think she'd be appreciative of the comments. Some people are over-sensitive though. And, by some people, I mean The Spouse, mostly.

That's just cold-blooded. She knows I can't watch "The Wizard of Oz" because of the Munchkins and those damned flying monkeys! Who in their right mind even imagines evil flying monkeys? I know it's just an old movie and I know that the flying monkeys aren't real. However, that won't stop the flying monkey nightmares from coming!

They are the predecessor to the Evil Clown! Clowns got evil in like the 1970's. I don't know what tipped them over but it happened. Look at some 70's movies and if you see a clown, you'll see the beginning of the creepiness. Before then, it was flying monkeys, the Blob, The Creature, some crazy Aliens trying to take over the world and a swamp thing or two. Bozo was pretty much the end of the "friendly" clowns. I think he took it pretty hard that clowns had turned evil. He was probably just getting all boozed up toward the end of the series. That's what would have happened to me.

Back to the threat...she knows how I feel about those things. That's a serious threat. So, I have to have a quick talk with The Boy Child to make sure nothing I said about The Spouse gets repeated. I'm thinking a $15 iTunes gift card will do the trick.

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  1. Pretty sure your doctor is going to get to practice removing unusual objects that have been inserted into your body.

    You will be remembered in the medical gossip that circulates, "You won't believe what this guy had stuck...."


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